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Pregnancy the first time around came real easy. But after years of being on birth control and other hormones, the second time around not so much. My husband and I struggled for almost two years. About a year and eight months in Annette came to me and said, if you want I can help you nutritionally get pregnant. We had long before that decided we weren’t going to do any kind of injections or treatments. So we agreed. We meet her at her house. She gave me a list of foods that I needed to add into my diet and some of which I needed to take out of my diet. Unlike other “diets” where you feel so deprived and hungry all the time, this was not like that at all. She also put me on some supplements. Within a month I could already feel my body was different. My cycle was more normal, and my moods were stabilizing. Within three months I was pregnant. Annette was super helpful the entire time, and throughout the entire pregnancy. Answering all my questions with grace and patience. Even though she lives in another city now, I was still able to reach out to her for help with my other pregnancies.


Since working with Annette, I have been feeling great! Energy levels are high, I’m getting good sleep and I’m in a good mood. I love how I feel!


Annette was able to help me when my PCP had let me down. She looked at my blood work and listened to my symptoms and gave me some suggestions of some supplements and vitamins to help me feel better until I got to see a functional doctor. She's always answered my medical/nutritional/health questions and never lets me down. Thank you for always being there.


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